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Matters of the Soul: Yael Melamed and Dawson Church in Conversation

July 20, 2022

A San Francisco based psychotherapist and leadership coach, Yael Melamed’s work is influenced by her own experience of having cancer, which prompted her to re-examine her life and leave a 10-year career in business to pursue her calling. She holds advanced degrees from Harvard Business School and the California Institute of Integral Studies. Yael believes that life’s biggest challenges can become blessings if you choose to grow from them. She is passionate about creating a world with less suffering and more actualized potential. Outside of clinical work, Yael is a writer, speaker, and mother to a firecracker of a daughter.

Yael's website is: https://yaelmelamed.com/

Yael and Dawson discuss:

Energy healing



Trauma in the workplace

Building functional workplaces

Psychological safety


Dawson can be found at: http://dawsongift.com/

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